The Definitive Green Laundry Solution for Hotels

The primary mission for hotel laundry operations is a consistency of high-quality laundered linens delivered in the shortest time possible. DeltaWash delivers medical grade cleaning efficacy and noticeable improvements in quality. Whiter, cleaner, softer and fresher-smelling linens help ensure a positive guest experience.

Ozonated cold wash-water using DeltaWash is a green initiative of the first order. Reductions in all laundry inputs -- water, energy and chlorine bleach, reflect well on any hotel and may be the deciding factor to the environmentally conscious traveler. DeltaWash is the perfect way to convey a green marketing message -- a natural, non-invasive and environmentally gentle laundry solution.

Cleaner laundry in less time.

Ozone is uniquely effective as a wash-water sanitizer, resulting in tremendous time savings. Unlike traditional chlorine bleach, ozone leaves no chemical residue and can be injected into every wash cycle. A better sanitizing agent than bleach delivered to every wash cycle, ozone delivers a double-whammy of cleaning effectiveness. All of this is accomplished with fewer wash cycles using less water, energy and chemicals.

Ozonated linens retain much less water, reducing laundry weight and dry times.

Ozonated linens retain much less water, reducing laundry weight and dry times. The mid-morning laundry deluge can now be processed more quickly with reduced need for pre-treat and re-wash activities. These efficiencies save time, increasing labor productivity and saving money.

Cleaner, Leaner, Greener

Less water, energy, chemicals and time makes laundry operations using DeltaWash cleaner, leaner and greener. Higher quality laundered linens delivered at a lower cost.

We are the first and only ozone laundry service company to businesses with on-premise laundry operations. We serve sectors including hospitality, health care, institutional, spas/health clubs and commercial laundry.


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