benefits of deltawash OZONE LAUNDRY

Clean Linens that Look and Smell Great

In addition to savings and efficiency, the finished product is whiter, brighter, fluffier, and fresher smelling.

Superior Oxidizing and Sanitizing Agent

Throughout each ozonated wash cycle, ozone destroys bacteria, inactivates viruses, eradicates odors and removes soil. It is highly reactive and requires minimal contact time (it works twice as fast as chlorine) to disinfect, helping to reduce cycle times. It is safer than many chemicals used in commercial laundries and is guaranteed to stop the spread of hard-to-kill microorganisms. Our patented compact ozone injection system has gone through extensive laboratory testing and has the test results to prove 99.999% kill-rates for the most tenacious pathogens.

Reduced Energy

Because ozone cleans better in low temperature water, using ozone in the laundry process reduces hot water usage by 80+%, a significant savings in natural gas consumption.

Reduced Need for Replacement Linen

Low temperature water washing helps eliminate fabric shrinkage, aging and deterioration.  Ozone opens up fabric weave reducing dry times.  Faster processing times puts linen back into use with greater frequency allowing housekeeping to operate efficiently on lower par levels

Increased Productivity

Faster laundry through-put times using ozone results in increased labor productivity and improved working conditions.

Lower Water and Sewage Costs

Ozone wash formulas require fewer fills and rinses. As ozone cleaning is occurring in every cycle step, few steps are required. Typical water and sewer reductions range from 30-45% once a laundry is converted to ozone.

Moderate Chemical Use

Because ozone is both a sanitizer and whitening agent, often times the laundry chemicals can be moderated.  Ozone opens the fabric weave resulting in fluffier, softer linens without the need for softener. 


Ozone saves water and energy resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

We are the first and only ozone laundry service company to businesses with on-premise laundry operations. We serve sectors including hospitality, health care, institutional, spas/health clubs and commercial laundry.


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