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The DeltaWash service model not only ensures total reliability of ozone supply to laundry rooms, it also provides continuous process improvement to laundry room operations over time. Our service organization is totally focused on efficiency and results. Customers are often surprised by the total cost of laundry operations and the degree to which every cost component can be reduced using ozone including water, natural gas, chemistry, labor and linens.

We seek to distinguish ourselves according to four primary criteria:


Linens which are consistently whiter, cleaner, softer and fresher-smelling than when laundered using conventional hot water wash formulas;


Ozone injection systems which never fail and deliver the ideal amount of ozone to each washer;


Hygienically clean linen;


Maximized laundry efficiency over time.

DeltaWash serves a variety of business sectors with on-premise laundry operations including hospitality, spas & health clubs, healthcare, nursing homes, commercial laundry and correctional facilities.

We are the first and only ozone laundry service company to businesses with on-premise laundry operations. We serve sectors including hospitality, health care, institutional, spas/health clubs and commercial laundry.


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