Ozone is a form of oxygen (O3) and among the most effective natural disinfectants. Injected into laundry wash water during each wash cycle, it transforms laundry cleaning into a gentle, non-invasive and completely natural process. Linens are hygienically clean, extraordinarily white and fresh smelling.

Automatic Delivery to Each Wash Load

DeltaWash delivers ozone through a small, compact injection system it installs in your laundry room. Each time your washers call for cold water, the system consumes air and electricity to create ozone and injects it directly into the cold water line leading to your washers. 

The Ozone Service Model Advantage

DeltaWash is the only Ozone laundry service provider in the United States. We have defined this service class through superior customer support, reliability and the efficacy of our ozone service delivery technology. We charge our service on a monthly flat-rate or Per Occupied Room basis. You only pay for the ozone you use. DeltaWash customers see immediate savings in excess of 4 times our delivery charge from reductions in energy, water and chemicals, longer-lasting linens and tremendous time savings which translate to enhanced labor productivity. We deliver a premium service resulting in a better laundry product and a considerably lower cost.

We are the first and only ozone laundry service company to businesses with on-premise laundry operations. We serve sectors including hospitality, health care, institutional, spas/health clubs and commercial laundry.


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